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My name is Carol Lind Mooney and I am a recovered addict. That's my biggest asset. Growing up in a detox and treatment center, victim of sexual abuse, homelessness, getting sober at the young age of 21, being a single mom for years, graduating law school, and running a successful business were all vital parts of the incredible journey landing me on a mountain top - literally. However, I would have nothing if I hadn't gotten clean and sober. So, it's my biggest asset.  

Many people knew my parents, Dr. John and Dot Mooney, pioneers in the addiction treatment field. Having 20 drunks living in my home in the 1960's makes for some strange tales! And some, as you'd expect, are tragic.  

It's been almost four decades since I made that life-changing decision, and boy, it's been a ride. Since my life is an open book and writing has been a passion of mine since I was a child, I'd love to tell you how I weathered some dark storms and conquered a million fears without a drink or a drug. This won't be possible without revealing unique and bizarre experiences about my childhood and many life lessons from Dr.  John and Dot.  (You're going to love those two angels!) Hopefully, there will be some laughter and some hope for you and your family along the way.  


Carol Lind Mooney is an Attorney, Certified Addiction Counselor, and Life Coach with over 38 years of experience helping alcoholics, addicts, and their families find a drug-free solution to their addiction problems. Through her experience and education, Carol Lind has created programs designed to give hope and solutions to men and women suffering from addiction problems. The philosophy and teachings of her parents, Dr. John and Dot Mooney, form the building blocks and foundation of her beliefs.  

Carol Lind received her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Georgia Southern University in 1992. She then attended Mercer University School of Law where she earned her Juris Doctorate in 1995. She has also been certified in Equine- Assisted psychotherapy, as she has a passion and love for horses and believes strongly in experiential methods of therapy. Carol Lind has also assisted in creating and managing Drug Courts in South Georgia.

Rescuing dogs, saving and protecting black bears, hiking, and sharing her life experiences are just some of the ways Carol Lind gives back and enjoys this crazy, wonderful thing called life!

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